Hussel Suriyaarachchi

Research Engineer

Hussel is incredibly passionate about using technology to create a positive impact on human society. Originally from Sri Lanka, he is a scholarship awarded Computer Science major studying at the University of Auckland. Whilst pursuing his passion for technology, Hussel engages in student mentoring and is also a connoisseur of music. Hussel believes that the experience gained from his time at the Augmented Human Lab serves as a major advancement in his career pursuit.


Elvitigala, D.S., Scholl, P.M., Suriyaarachchi, H., Dissanayake, V. and Nanayakkara, S.C., 2021. StressShoe: A DIY Toolkit for just-in-time Personalised Stress Interventions for Office Workers Performing Sedentary Tasks. In MobileHCI ’21: The ACM International Conference on Mobile Human-Computer Interaction, September 27–30, 2021, Touluse, France. Honorable Mention Award!

Cortés, J.P.F., Suriyaarachchi, H., Nassani, A., Zhang, H. and Nanayakkara, S.C., 2021. OM: A Comprehensive Tool to Elicit Subjective Vibrotactile Expressions Associated with Contextualised Meaning in Our Everyday Lives. In MobileHCI ’21: The ACM International Conference on Mobile Human Computer Interaction, Sept. 27- Oct. 1, 2021, Touluse, France.