Our vision is to create Assistive Augmentations: designing intelligent systems that extend the limits of our perceptual and cognitive capabilities.

We are inspired by extraordinary individuals such as Evelyn Glennie, Ben Underwood who use their biological senses in unconventional ways. We believe carefully designed Assistive Augmentations can empower anyone to live more independently again and even extend one's perceptual and cognitive capabilities beyond the ordinary.

We are a small, unique team of interdisciplinary experimenters.

Our team works hard to craft meaningful, beautiful experiences with intellegent systems. Specifically, we aim to foster smart, new and stunning experiences that change the way people live and experience the world. Our current application focus includes Assistive Technology (wearables with embeded AI to supporting deaf and blind users), EdTech (new engaging learning platform to make science fun and engaging), Well-being (home-based intellegent systems for early detection and reduction of diabetic foot ulcers), and Agri-food technology (Intellegent interfaces to support tea teasters for predication & blend recommendation).

Recent Publications

ClothTiles: A Prototyping Platform to Fabricate Customized Actuators on Clothing using 3D Printing and Shape-Memory Alloys
AiSee: An Assistive Wearable Device to Support Visually Impaired Grocery Shoppers
GymSoles++: Combining Google Glass with Smart Insoles to Improve Body Posture when Performing Squats