StickAmps is an intuitive interface that provides feedback on the AC (Alternating Current) current flow through a bundled-cable. Single phase and three phase AC was estimated with a regression model developed using principles of applied electromagnetism. This regression model is embedded into three standalone compact Stick-Amps prototypes. We discuss three variations of StickAmp form factors (self-contained wireless current sensing device; a glove that senses current when grabbing onto a cable and; and a clip-on sensor for an oscilloscope application on a smartphone) and some of their potential applications.


  • Don Samitha Elvitigala, Roshan Peiris, Erik Wilhelm, Shaohui Foong, and Suranga Nanayakkara. GrabAmps: Grab a wire to sense the current flow. In Proceedings of the 8th Augmented Human International Conference (AH'17). ACM, Silicon Valley, LA, USA, Article No. 30. [PDF]