ChewIt: an Intraoral Interface for Discreet Interactions.

Pablo Gallego Cascon, Masters Finalist - Chew It. An intraoral interface looking for discretion

Sensing interfaces relying on the head or facial gestures provide effective solutions for hands-free scenarios.
Most of these interfaces utilize sensors attached to the face, as well as into the mouth, being either obtrusive or limited in input bandwidth. In this paper, we propose ChewIt -- a novel intraoral input interface. ChewIt resembles an edible object that allows users to perform various hands-free input operations, both simply and discreetly. Our design is informed by a series of studies investigating the implications of shape, size, locations for comfort, discreetness, manoeuvrability, and obstructiveness. Additionally, we evaluated potential gestures that users could utilize to interact with such an intraoral interface.


  • P. G. Cascón, D. J. C. Matthies, S. Muthukumarana, and S. Nanayakkara, “ChewIt. An Intraoral Interface for Discreet Interactions.” In Proceedings of Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019). May 4-9, 2019, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. (To appear)