Augmented Human Lab

The Augmented Human Lab focus on exploring the ways of creating ‘enabling’ human-computer interfaces that seamlessly integrate with a user’s mind, body and behavior, providing an enhanced perception. We call this "Assistive Augmentation". Creating such assistive augmentations poses a twofold challenge as they require: (1) novel hardware technologies and interfaces that capture relevant sensory information, understand the physical environment they are used to, yet being unobtrusive. (2) holistic design approach to increase efficiency, ease social integration, support independence–to account for real-world applicability.

We apply the research conducted in the Augmented Human Lab to (a) Smart health and well-being, (b) Independent living for the ageing population, (c) Assistive and rehabilitative technology and (d) Immersive media, communication and collaboration. These application domains particularly pertain to the Lab's vision of enhancing how we live, how we work and how we play–towards a more cohesive society.