2bit-Tactile Hand

2bit-TactileHand: Evaluating Tactons for On-Body Vibrotactile Displays on the Hand and Wrist

Visual interfaces can provide a great density of information. However, the required focused visual attention results in a high cognitive effort. This cognitive load could significantly increase when multiple tasks, requiring visual attention, are performed. In this project, we evaluate the perceptual abilities of 2bit tactons on the wrist and the hand as complementary feedback. Based on our evaluation, 2bit tactons have a perceivable accuracy rate of 92% at the hand distributed among several fingers. Additionally, the data concluded that vibrotactile feedback on hand is significantly more accurate than the wrist, which coincides with the subjects' preference. TactileHand's feasibility was demonstrated in three different pilot studies, encoding ambient, explicit and implicit information into 2bit tactons at different scenarios.


  • Don Samitha Elvitigala, Denys J.C Matthies, Vipula Dissanayaka, Chamod Weerasinghe, Suranga Nanayakkara, 2019, 2bit-Tactilehand: Evaluating Tactons for Nobody Vibrotactile Displays on the Hand and Wrist. In Proceedings of ACM Augmented Human Conference (AH'19), March, 2019, Reims, Champagne, France. (To appear)