‘Sensei’ is a mobile interface for language learning (learning words, learning sentences, learning pronunciation). The project combines techniques from computer vision, augmented reality, speech recognition and common sense knowledge. In the current prototype, the user points their cell phone at an object (e.g. an apple) and then sees the word and hears it pronounced in the language of their choice. The system also shows some sentences with more information about that object that are pulled from a common sense knowledge base. In future versions they will also get feedback about whether they are pronouncing the word correctly if they try to speak it. The interface is primarily designed to be used as an interactive and fun language-learning tool for children. Future versions will be applied to a myriad of other contexts including real-time language translation for face-to-face communication (with audio-visual output); help travelers to read information displays in foreign language (sign boards, directions, restaurant menus), and others.