Shreyas Sridhar

Research Engineer

Shreyas is currently pursuing his Master's in Computing (Specialising in Artificial Intelligence) at NUS. He has a background in Computer Science and Software Engineering - working for two years in a programmatic advertising start-up after completing his undergraduate degree. Shreyas is always looking to expand his boundaries, exploring a variety of fields such as XR (Extended Reality), Assistive and Augmented Technology, Sustainable Urban Technology and beyond. He is fascinated by the links between machines, technology and humans, geography and anthropology, and aims to empower and connect people from all over the world.

In his free time, Shreyas enjoys playing sports including football, basketball, volleyball, etc. When he's not out playing a sport, he enjoys reading, playing video games, listening to music and brushing up on his trivia.


Gupta, C., Sridhar, S., Matthies, D.J., Jouffrais, C. and Nanayakkara, S.C., 2024. SonicVista: Towards Creating Awareness of Distant Scenes through Sonification. Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, 8(2), pp.1-32.