Sambhav Jain

Research Attachment

Sambhav is currently pursuing bachelors in electronics and communication engineering. He is currently an intern at Augmented Human Lab, working on finger reader/Ai-see project.

His primary areas of research interest revolve around Augmentation of Human senses, Wearable Technology and Internet of Things. In past, Sambhav also works on the new interfacing techniques with Human bodies using senses to expand the boundary of our senses to move from perceptive reality to more objective reality. His interest in embedded systems helps in forging new connections between human senses and information.

Apart from , Sambhav is an aspiring polymath and read books, travels and treks in his spare time.

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Boldu, R., Jain, S., Forero Cortes, J.P., Zhang, H. and Nanayakkara, S.C., 2019, October. M-Hair: Creating Novel Tactile Feedback by Augmenting the Body Hair to Respond to Magnetic Field. In Proceedings of the 32nd Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (pp. 323-328).