Anusha Withana

Anusha Withana, graduated from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka with a BSc (Hons.) degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering in 2007. He worked as a core network engineer at Dialog Telekom PLC, Sri Lanka for one year before moving to Japan to pursuit his higher studies. He received his Master of Media Design from Keio University in 2010 and start reading for his PhD in Media Design at the same institute. His PhD thesis titled “Integration of Multimodal Interactions for Inter-­Spatial Continuum”, has been accepted by Keio University, Japan, and expected to be graduated in March, 2014.

His main research areas include non-­inclusive and multimodal interfaces, haptic systems, affective computing and ubiquitous computing. During his post-grad studies, he has conducted research on multi modal and cross modal effects on human spatial perception, created new interfaces such as through surface styluses for interacting with 3D content, novel automotive UIs, pseudo haptic interfaces and public haptic display systems. His research has been published in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings, and demonstrated in international exhibitions. Furthermore, he has been collaborated and worked as a research assistant in government grant research projects in Japan, including JST ERATO, JST CREST and SCOPE.

Additional to his research work, Anusha is interested in photography, cinema and cooking. He is also a bit of a food adventurist.

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