Shi Yilei

Yilei is from China, where he finished double-degree program in Zhejiang University and received Bachelor degrees both in Industrial Design and Energy & Environment Systems Engineering. Now he is a PhD student in the Augmented Human Lab, with a research interest in Human-Computer Interface (HCI), supervised by Prof. Suranga.

With a background of engineering and design, Yilei is interested in various kinds of advanced hardware, especially wearable electronic devices, as well as the new ways people interact with them. He has a strong passion to design novel hardware with natural and innovative interaction. He believes that in the nearly future, devices with novel interaction ways would play a much more important role in people’s daily life, which makes life more and more convenient.

In his daily life, he likes sports and music. He is good at table tennis, basketball and billiards. He also likes singing, as well as playing the guitar and ukulele.



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