Juan Pablo Forero Cortés

He is a Telecommunication Systems Engineer. His areas of expertise range from the Physical layer e.g. electronics design, PCB layout, embedded systems architectures and Firmware development; to the Application layer e.g. Implementing high-level control algorithms, signal processing, sensor fusion and mobile app development. His desire to explore new possibilities and to bring ideas to reality has set the course of his professional career, hence he has always focused on Research and Development.

He obtained his first job at the Electronics and Robotics department of La Salle University in Barcelona while he was still a student, this opportunity introduced him to robotics, artificial intelligence and assistive technologies. After receiving hia diploma, He joined Almende, Organizing Networks in Rotterdam, in order to delve deeper into artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this company, He took his first steps in Android development, signal processing, computer vision and control theories. After this valuable experience, he decided to focus his career in biomedical applications, assistive technologies and consumer electronics. Subsequently, he became a Firmaware and Electronics Research Engineer in the Augmented Human Lab at SUTD University in Singapore. After three years, he joined the Think Tank Team in Samsung Research America, where he was exposed to cutting-edge technologies, perspectives and ideas that expanded all his boundaries and refined his competences and technical skills.
Finally, following jos desire to challenge his perspectives once again and wanting to deepen in the understanding of the capabilities of the human potential,he joined the augmented human Lab in the Bioengineering Institute of the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Where he is currently working as a Research Engineer and pursuing his Master's Degree.


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