Juan Sádaba

Juan Sádaba is an architect with experience in building construction and urban planning who has always been linked to product design and technology, holding several patents. He teaches at the 3.007 Design Course at SUTD, previously worked as a Professor at the University of the Basque Country and University of Cantabria in Spain and guest lectured at NUS in Singapore.

He has worked both in Asia and Europe on different scales of design. He provides a good understanding of the process and concepts of design and is able to lead conceptual design and technology projects to materiality. He always finds the way to create beautiful working shapes with a smooth user experience. He works on his own projects and also as a Mentor / Design Advisor for innovation projects and startups.

His ability to blend the human side and aesthetics with technology was brought him to achieve several awards and nominations at the Media Architecture Biennale in 2014, the Smart City Expo World Congress in 2012, the Concept Design B-Awards in 2010 and the Board of Architects Awards in 2003 in Bilbao. As an entrepreneur he was selected as one of the 5 top startup at the Delhi Smart Cities Summit in 2015 and mentored Light Owl, awarded by the MIT Club of Singapore at the SUTD Business Innovation Competition in 2016.